International work in Galicia, Northern Spain

The harbour at Redes

Since 2009 Geraldine Jones, one of the founders of Basketry and Beyond has spent six month a year in Galicia, northern Spain.  There she found that basketry practices were similar to those that existed in Cornwall when she first went there; that those who were making the baskets were elderly, none of the younger people had taken it up and that the knowledge was being lost.

She had found a local maker Pastor Garcia, who was still making a range of local styles using locally cut willow and privet.

Pastor Garcia with some of his Galician baskets

In February 2011 in the foyer of the local library in Ares Geraldine and Hilary put on a display photographs of Cornish baskets from the past,examples of current work in the Southwest of England and photographs she had taken of Galician baskets.

The library at Ares where the exhibition was held

Photographic exhibition making the connection between Galician and baskets from the south west of England

Geraldine in the photographic exhibition

She put out a call for local people to bring in their baskets and come and talk to her in order to assess the enthusiasm for some courses.

Galician style baskets brought in by local people

Galician style basket made with a split wood base and woven willow sides

With much interest generated by the display, and with the support of the local council she organised courses to take place in Redes in March2011 along with another airing of the photographic exhibition.


The old school house in Redes, venue for the courses

The exhibition in the old school house

Pastor teaching at Redes